Guest Blog: 2014 AiR Lauren Ferebee / by HUB-BUB

In our newest blog, former AiR Lauren Ferebee talks about working with Spartanburg-based artists and invites you to collaborate on her current year-long project as an artist-in-residence for Spark and Echo Arts.

Book of Hours

Hello from Texas!

My time in Spartanburg in 2014 as the theatre artist-in-residence had such a profound impact on me that I ended up coming back and staying through 2015, working with local theatre artists and companies in creating a lot of amazing projects and events.

Part of that time involved curating Spartanburg artists into Spark and Echo Arts, a project that I’ve had the privilege of being a part of since 2013.  Each year, Spark and Echo commissions works responding to scripture from artists of all disciplines and faith backgrounds, with the intention of one day completing a sprawling multimedia illuminated Bible.  So far this year, Spartanburg-based artists Lily Knights, Chandler Crawford, and Tim Giles have completed works in theatre, visual art, and music for the organization (click on their names to check out their amazing work!). 

This year, I’m also serving as an artist-in-residence for Spark and Echo, which means I’m working on a yearlong project responding to Proverbs 8. In my first project update, I outlined the shape of the piece: a multimedia book of hours, focused on wisdom and acts of contemplation.

A snapshot of the website Lauren is building as part of her project.

A snapshot of the website Lauren is building as part of her project.

A piece of this work is going to be a public exchange of contemplations.  In their original medieval setting, books of hours were individually crafted and deeply intimate, illustrated and selected to reflect the concerns, challenges, and daily lives of their owners. As I began working on this book of hours, I became curious about how to replicate that process.

What I’ve decided is that as a part of it, I am reaching out to ask for contemplation requests: for people to send me one-sentence descriptions of an event, action, or situation in their lives that they need some time and thoughtfulness to contemplate – along with their physical address. My commitment is to send back a handwritten contemplation, and my plan is to make and document 365 contemplations as a part of the book of hours.

So, this blog post is also an invitation. Send me something.

Prior to her current project with the group, Lauren's latest project for Spark and Echo Arts was a short film in response to a section of Psalm 107. Watch it below!

WONDERS OF THE DEEP A response to Psalm 107 23-32 By Lauren Ferebee Music/Cinematography: Tim Giles  | Featuring: Shianna Whitner and Liam MacDougall