AiR Program Celebrates 10th Year with 2 New Artists-in-Residence / by HUB-BUB

This September we will begin the 10th year in which the HUB-BUB Artists-in-Residence program has recruited artists to live and work in Spartanburg. Anyone already familiar with the program knows there have been quite a few changes since it began in 2006, with a hiatus in 2012 and another in 2017 during which the organization made some necessary transitions. By its nature, this program is an ongoing experiment, one that seeks to explore the many complex and necessary roles that artists play in our community. Now, housed within the Chapman Cultural Center, HUB-BUB will continue its work in ways that will seem both familiar and totally new.

For the next year, we will host two artists, Marisa Adesman and Ambrin Ling, in a space we will be calling our “Creative Placemaking Studio” at the Chapman Cultural Center. Marisa and Ambrin, both trained as painters (but whose work explores elements of sculpture and performance as well) will hold regularly scheduled open studio hours where the public will be invited to come and observe their processes and engage in conversation and discussion about their work. Ambrin and Marisa will also have the opportunity to work on any number of additional community-based projects that we hope will arise organically through partnerships, experimentation, and collaboration.

Our goal is for the “Creative Placemaking Studio” to be a place where, as a community, we can work together to create a more vibrant and healthy Spartanburg through the arts. Out of the many amazing applications, we were lucky to receive from brilliant artists working all over the country, we were particularly drawn to both Ambrin and Marisa, not only for their technical skill and impressive resumes, but for the important and, at times, challenging the content of their work. We saw in both of these incredible emerging artists the opportunity to have some necessary and difficult conversations about our identity as a community. The real beauty of this program is in its ability to provide a fresh perspective by inviting artists with a clear vision and generous voice. We hope, through their work, we might find a portrait of our community that we would not otherwise be able or willing to see.

We hope you’ll join us this fall in our “Creative Placemaking Studio” to meet Marisa and Ambrin and to spend some time engaging with their work. 

Eric Kocher
HUB-BUB and Creative Placemaking Director
Chapman Cultural Center

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