The Poster Challenge / by HUB-BUB

By Kara Porter, Creative Placemaking Intern

Welcome to the Poster Challenge. The poster challenges the viewer to find a word in the word search, circle it on the poster, do whatever the action (word) is, then post it with #posterchallenges. There are three different versions of the poster hung up around downtown: Create A Moment of Joy, Create A Moment of Gratitude, and Create A Moment of Thrill. Try and find them all!


I grew up in Holly Springs, North Carolina and eventually my journey took me here to Spartanburg, South Carolina. In my three years here, I get excited with each new restaurant and storefront that opens up, and I’ve watched as the city has become increasingly active as a community. I noticed that a large part of the growth had been due to the contribution of pubic art (i.e. the lightbulbs of the Lighten Up Spartanburg project, murals). This public art got people excited about living in our wonderful city.

I knew in order to tackle this project; I’d need to do my research. I looked in to examples of public art installations and exhibits in similarly sized cities. I found inspiration in the purposes behind the pubic art I’d researched. I set out to increase community vitality, in other words, enhance the community’s enjoyment of our city. In other, other words:

I wanted to create an exhibit that brought people happiness.  


If I could make someone smile from my artwork, I had succeeded. 

But how could I make an exhibit that sparked this moment of happiness, and bring it into the community?  I settled on the idea of a poster. I know what you’re thinking: posters aren’t art, posters are posters. Traditionally, posters are not seen as art. Posters are usually just a vehicle of getting information to the public. I was interested in playing with this idea of reimagining the purpose of a poster, which instead prompted an interaction between the it and the viewer.

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