Ambrin Ling

Becoming Undone - An Ambrin Ling Experience by HUB-BUB

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As of April, I am now 8 months into my HUB-BUB artist residency at the Chapman Cultural Center. Over this time I’ve been immersing myself in a number of new and familiar artistic endeavors.

At the start of January, myself and my fellow Artist-in-Residence Marisa Adesman applied our painting practices about domesticity to a community engagement project. We have since been translating Spartanburg community members’ experiences of belonging, representation, and home, whatever they entail, into paintings that are also importantly a series of interactions between us, individuals, and the community at large. If you’d like to learn more about collaborating with us and seeing your own thoughts and experiences as a painting, I encourage you to visit for info about sharing your own images and stories.

On April 18th, I am excited to enter more uncharted territory as I collaborate with the Spartanburg Art Museum (SAM) during their ART² performances. The moment I walked through SAM’S current exhibition Tradition: Compounded, I knew I had to respond. Even when I’ve done paintings, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, and installation, I have always considered myself first and foremost a drawer, because mark-making— in black-and-white and color, representational and abstract— is the way I navigate my world. My upcoming performance will include drawing in familiar mediums like graphite and watercolor, but also more experimental papermaking and painting with fresh, lushly colored grass stains. So if you’re looking for something both traditional and experimental in terms of arts, culture, and entertainment, I welcome you to my performance Becoming Undone at SAM at 6pm this third Thursday.

For the remainder of my residency, a shocking 3 months, I intend to continue working in the spirit of collaboration. Whether these collaborations mean seeking the perspectives of socially-minded organizations and people for our community engagement project A Mosaic Portrait of Spartanburg, or working with other artistic minds and venues as I grow my own individual practice, I find the most meaningful artist residencies are ones that explore connections. For this year-long residency, I hope to connect to Spartanburg as a varied place and diverse individuals, and enable the people here to find connections to my own art making.