past AiR's

Former AiR's selected as Juried Semifinalists in ArtPrize 2018 by David Ocasio

2015 Artists-in-Residence Robin Schwartzman, Desiree Moore, and Anna Abhau Elliott are still building community through dynamic arts and ideas.

They recently launched a new public art project called “Barter Boat”

Barter Boat is an art project that looks like a carnival stand, where you can trade for small art assemblages made out of previously bartered items from different cities. They were most recently at ArtPrize 2018.

Photo by Sean Deckert

Photo by Sean Deckert

The project is made by the three alums, who were recently selected as Juried Semifinalists in ArtPrize 2018, alongside some other great artists (and out of literally hundreds of other entries). Check out their Instagram too - radar_art

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