Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for community-minded artists who are excited to share their process and passion with the residents of Spartanburg County. Our ideal candidates will be recent graduates of studio art or art-related programs and will be seeking time to work in a less academic or formal environment. Although previous teaching experience or community work is not required, we are looking for individuals who are eager to explore the many ways their art making process might help us build a more vibrant, healthy, and informed community. Since the provided studio space will not allow for access to specialty equipment like kilns or materials for glass blowing, applicants should be mindful of how their process might be adapted to fit into the provided space. With that said, we are excited about work that challenges our ideas and expectations, that demonstrates an attention to craft, and that can be made accessible to a non-academic audience. We are excited about artists who need time to ask questions about the impact of their work, who need time to explore their role as artists, and who are willing to share their process with our community. 

What is your selection process like?

Applications are first reviewed by a selection committee of artists, educators, and other community leaders. The committee will evaluate applications based on the quality of work, opportunities for community engagement, and professional experience. After finalists have been selected, we will conduct a series of interviews with program staff and representatives from the committee before making a final decision. The timeline for this process will vary based on the number of applicants, but we will announce our final selections by the end of June 1, 2019.

What expectations do you have about community engagement?

While the primary focus of this program is to create time and space for emerging artists to develop their craft, we believe that our community is enriched by opportunities to engage with the arts and are committed to ensuring our cultural resources are available to our entire community. Because of this, we ask that our resident artists to commit 15 hours each week to making their studio open to the public. We will work with the artists to find times that work with their schedule, so as not to be disruptive to their practice, but that also provides sufficient time for members of the community to visit the studio and engage in conversation about their work. In addition to open studio hours, we ask that our resident artists periodically offer supplemental outreach opportunities in the form of workshops, art talks, classroom visits, exhibitions, or participation in the Chapman Cultural Center’s events or festivals. Lastly, to ensure the program successfully balances the time of our resident artists with time spent on community engagement, we ask that they attend weekly meetings with both the program director and Chapman Cultural Center staff and to participate in a 3-week orientation process to help introduce our artist to the Spartanburg community. The program will begin with a welcoming reception and conclude with a closing reception during which we hope our resident will share the work they’ve developed with the public. 

What is the Chapman Cultural Center?

TThe Chapman Cultural Center’s mission is to provide cultural leadership for Greater Spartanburg by developing, strengthening, and promoting the scope, excellence and educational role of the arts, humanities and sciences, and to further their significance in the life of our community and all of its citizens. We provide major funding and education for many of Spartanburg’s arts and cultural organizations. Its educational programs serve more than 40,000 public and private school students throughout Spartanburg County, with residencies by professional artists in the disciplines of music, dance, visual arts, literature, media, theatre, and crafts. Our campus is home to several partner organizations where we collectively host around 390 events annually that attract over 350,000 visitors. More information about the Chapman Cultural Center and our partner organization can be found on our website.

How do I learn more about Spartanburg?

We love our small city and are proud of the progress we have made and continue to make through partnerships and collaboration. Aside from the work we do, and the exceptional work of our partners, Spartanburg is a culturally rich place; home to one of the South’s most innovative presses with an exceptional residency program, an unbelievably cool artist co-optons of public art, and some really great galleries, Spartanburg has plenty to offer artists with any set of interests. On top of that, we’ve got lots of good beer, amazing food, and plenty of opportunities to get outdoors for active living7 colleges and universities call Spartanburg home, as well as an incredible library system. On top of all that, we’re close to some really cool places like Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta. 

What are the housing accommodations like?

Artists-in-Residence will be provided housing in downtown Spartanburg’s City View apartments. The apartments are located two-blocks south of Main St. and are less than ¾ of a mile from the Chapman Cultural Center. Each apartment is a two-bedroom, shotgun-style apartment, which allows each artist to have a small home studio in addition to their public studio space at the Chapman Cultural Center’s Creative Placemaking Studios. The apartments are unfurnished, so selected artists should plan to bring furniture or acquire some after they arrive (we have been lucky in the past to receive donations or low-cost solutions, but have no guarantees). The apartments are located on the third floor of the building which does not have an elevator. If, for any reason, this presents a selected artist with an accessibility constraint, just let us know and we will find you alternative accommodations (this information does NOT need to be disclosed during the application process).

What are the Creative Placemaking Studios?

The Creative Placemaking Studios are located on the first floor of the Chapman Cultural Center’s west building, right next to our ticket office and main reception. In many ways, the Creative Placemaking Studios serve as a gateway into our campus and are a highly visibly and public space. Our mission is to introduce the Spartanburg community and visitors to the Chapman Cultural Center to the concept of creative placemaking through interactions with artists-in-residence during open studio hours, rotating interactive exhibitions curated through the creative placemaking internship, and information about the past, present, and future creative placemaking efforts of the Chapman Cultural Center. You can find more information and images about the studios here

Do you accept applications from literary or performing artists?

Unfortunately, we do not, although, writers should consider applying to the Writers House Residencies hosted by the Hub City Writers Project.

What else do I need to know?

While our downtown is very walkable and provides access to almost everything one might need, we highly recommend bringing a car so you can take full advantage of the area’s resources. Having your own transportation is certainly not a requirement, but it will make life easier. The selected artist may not maintain any outside or supplemental employment during their residency so as not to interfere with their program or time to work. Also, because access to studio space is limited to the Chapman Cultural Center’s normal hours of operation, artists who prefer to work late at night might find our program difficult. Artists-in-Residence are required to live in Spartanburg for the duration of their residency (September 1st, 2019 – July 31st, 2020). Traveling and “time off” will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

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