Saturday, december 10th 11am-8pm

Sunday, December 11th 12pm-6pm

your shopping guide!

Hello, Holiday Market shoppers! We hope you're as pumped as we are about the upcoming market this weekend. We want to take the time to share some information with you before you join us tomorrow that will help you prepare for your shopping experience.

Most of the vendors that will be present at the market are very small businesses. To be able to support them we had to think of a creative way to handle sales. Requiring each of them to pay for a City of Spartanburg business license right at the end of the year when it would expire in less than a month seemed unfair and we worried that added cost would keep out some of the smallest businesses. To get around this HUB-BUB has acquired a retail license and will be handling all of the sales, and this is how it works:

We will have cashiers present at either end of the market selling a special Holiday-Market-currency. There's an exact exchange, so you pay one U.S. dollar for one market buck. Think of it like a token or ticket system--you exchange your money for the tickets and then use those to make purchases at the vendors.

We'll also be providing shopping lists for those of you who want to peruse the market, tally up your purchases, and then buy the appropriate amount of market-bucks to pick up your gifts. 

If you buy your market bucks before you shop and have some left over we will be able to process a refund for the amount given back, but we'd like you to consider leaving any small amounts as a donation to HUB-BUB. Your contribution helps us continue providing events like this.