From 2006 through mid-2015 The Showroom provided a home for a community that had been disconnected and dispersed throughout Spartanburg. During our tenure in this space, the Showroom hosted events in creative writing, music, visual arts, theatre, academic research, and nearly every type of community event imaginable. But over time it came to our attention that in creating this safe space for our community we had begun to isolate ourselves from the community at large.

In 2015 the decision was made to reformat our mission and leave the Showroom to foster a new outlook. Under the guiding principle to “reimagine place” we decided to look at the entire city as our new showroom. By partnering with other organizations to present our programming, by stripping our model down to its essentials, and by pushing ourselves beyond our traditional public we would be able to create meaningful experiences for a much greater number of our neighbors.

We still hold fast to our mission to create community through dynamic arts and ideas, and we look to reimagine our public and private spaces throughout the city and by doing so reimagine the city in its entirety. We do not believe there is a ceiling on what can happen in Spartanburg and it is our goal to prove that! HUB BUB loves Spartanburg. HUB BUB is Spartanburg. And you are HUB BUB.